Expired (movie)
Illeana Douglas, indie-movie fan

ILLEANA DOUGLAS appears in "Expired" with Samantha Morton and Teri Garr; it opens June 27 in L.A. She is working on another movie, "Oh Joy," with writer-director Greg Pritikin about "a guy, a girl and a cowboy." A new season of her Web show "Illeanarama" will return soon -- with the backing of Ikea!What do you look for when casting a cowboy?This is what the script is about: a girl who's gotten down on living in Los Angeles and feels the type of man she's in love with doesn't exist any more. . . . She gets 100 miles outside L.A., hits a tornado, her car is overturned, she's rescued by a traveling group of rodeo cowboys. Like she died and went to heaven. When you leave Los Angeles and...