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Norma Rae (movie)

'The Judge': Robert Downey Jr., the 'missus' and 'Norma Rae'

'The Judge': Robert Downey Jr., the 'missus' and 'Norma Rae'

Robert Downey Jr. stars in "The Judge." He's also a producer on the film, the first from Team Downey, the production company he runs with his wife, Susan.

That meant Downey watched the movie many, many more times than he normally sees his own films. He calls the experience "educational" and "objective" as he found himself looking at other actors' choices much more closely than his own.

"You get out of the habit of being self-centered," Downey said during a recent Envelope Screening Series presentation of "The Judge."

"The missus," as Downey refers to Susan, doesn't entirely dispute her husband's...

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