Take Shelter (movie)

'Mud' starring Matthew McConaughey is pleasing

'Mud' starring Matthew McConaughey is pleasing


Lionsgate, $19.98; Blu-ray, $24.99

Available on VOD beginning Aug. 6

One of the best pieces of news of this movie year has been the quiet box office success of writer-director Jeff Nichols' coming-of-age drama, starring Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive criminal who enlists two teenage boys to help him fix up a boat so he can escape with his troublemaking childhood sweetheart (Reese Witherspoon). Like Nichols' "Shotgun Stories" and "Take Shelter," "Mud" is about the stress of family obligations and the quirks of lives lived well outside the big city. "Mud," however, is less ponderous and more crowd-pleasing than its...

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