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The Naked Truth: Stripping for Fun and Profit

The Naked Truth: Stripping for Fun and Profit

I knew I should have called before I came. From the parking lot I can see that no lights are on inside, but the door is wide open. Apparently the rain and wind knocked out the electricity to the bar. Fortunately it’s a summer storm, so it’s plenty warm, and I can’t say that the damp breeze passing through the front door and out the back is a bad thing. The utter darkness and the deafening quiet in the bar is, though.  There is a lone candle sitting in the center of the bar, and Staci, our big-busted bartender, Bill the manager, and three other women in heels and lingerie sit huddled around it campfire-style, sipping drinks. There is no power at all and no sign of any...