Julian Casablancas
Review: Haim's irresistible 'Days Are Gone'
Review: Haim's irresistible 'Days Are Gone'

The three long-haired sisters of L.A.'s Haim look as if they're from the 1960s, crib lyrics from the 1970s and prize musical tricks from the 1980s. Yet the trio's major-label debut, "Days Are Gone," may be the freshest-sounding album you'll hear all year. How does that work? Background and context both figure into it. Este, Danielle and Alana Haim grew up in the San Fernando Valley playing in a cover band, Rockinhaim, with their parents, who taught them to love -- and to study -- the timeless songwriting verities embedded in tunes by the Beatles and the Eagles. (Danielle, Haim’s lead singer, nods to “Lyin’ Eyes” in “If I Could...