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Premiere: Mexrrissey reworks Morrissey's 'Suedehead' as 'Estuvo Bien'

Premiere: Mexrrissey reworks Morrissey's 'Suedehead' as 'Estuvo Bien'

Those up on their legendary Brit pop singers will immediately appreciate the premise behind Mexrrissey. The collective centered around Mexico City-based DJ, producer and record executive Camilo Lara is the musical embodiment of a love affair stretching back to the 1980s, when Morrissey, backed by the band he co-founded, the Smiths, first spilled his heart on record.

For reasons as curiously beguiling as Morrissey's lyrics, Mexico's devotion to him is singular. As such, Mexrrissey's work over the past year reworking their hero's work through the filter of Mexican music makes a lot of sense.

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