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TV Picks: 'Powerless,' 'Craft,' 'Who,' 'PuppyCat,' 'Garden Wall'
TV Picks: 'Powerless,' 'Craft,' 'Who,' 'PuppyCat,' 'Garden Wall'

"Powerless" (PBS, Monday). A film about power and the lack of it, and how little things are made to work when big things fail. We are in Kanpur, India, population 3 million, where there is no electricity for many and often none for any. The main characters are Loha Singh, a 28-year-old katiyabaaz, "a master electricity thief" and local hero who climbs into the city's tangled canopy of power lines, splicing wire into wire to siphon off power for the poor, and his mutual nemesis Ritu Maheshwari, of the Kanpur Electricity Supply Co., who must deal with the theft and other power-related crises. (Loudspeaker trucks cruise the city reminding registered users to pay their...