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Jessie Ware covers Rihanna's 'Diamonds,' result sparkles
Jessie Ware covers Rihanna's 'Diamonds,' result sparkles

One of Pop & Hiss' favorite performances at the Grammy Awards last weekend was Rihanna's hauntingly stark rendition of "Stay," in which the audacious dance-pop star showed a vulnerable side we haven't seen much since "Unfaithful" way back in 2006. Apparently, the English singer Jessie Ware liked it too: In a new cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds" recorded for the BBC, Ware does away with the song's strobing synths and thrusting beat and remakes it as a luminous after-hours soul tune not unlike the title track of her bewitching 2012 debut, "Devotion." Last month Cherrytree Records put out a five-track Ware EP, "If...