38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment

Neal Huff

Green vs. green backs in 'Runoff'

Green vs. green backs in 'Runoff'

Economic ruin meets ecological disaster in the environmental drama "Runoff," from biochemist-turned-filmmaker Kimberly Levin.

Betty (Joanne Kelly) is the matriarch of a struggling rural family trying to stay afloat in the shadow of big agribusiness. Slowly and steadily, events pile up that send them further into desperation — her husband Frank's (Neal Huff) illness, their farm being sold out from under them, her troubled teenage son Finley (Alex Shaffer) needing tuition for art school. An old friend offers Frank a shady gig to make some quick cash, which he turns down, but Betty, feeling the financial pressure, accepts it behind his back. It forces her to make the decision...

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