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Nelson DeMille
Whodunit? Otto Penzler, no doubt
Whodunit? Otto Penzler, no doubt

NEW YORK — For someone steeped in murder, grift and shady characters, Otto Penzler is remarkably cheerful. "I'm the happiest person you know. I am an optimist, I'm happy, I love life, I love friends, I love my job," he says in his book-lined basement office, settling into a red wing chair. "Every day I wake up and I wish I could believe in God, because I want to thank somebody for my wife and for my life. So reading a story or a book isn't going to bring me down." Which is good, because Penzler reads a lot. He's a master of the popular mystery anthology: This year alone, he's edited or co-edited seven collections, totaling close to 4,000...