'Faith, family, football': How a Texas town is healing after a cop killed a black teenager

Noah Bean

Old Globe's 'Othello' lays on the melodrama, but it works

Old Globe's 'Othello' lays on the melodrama, but it works

Of Shakespeare's major tragedies, "Othello" seems to be having the most success in the theater of late.

The Old Globe's new outdoor production, which launched its 2014 Summer Shakespeare Festival with Blair Underwood as the Moor of Venice and Richard Thomas as Iago, suggests that the secret to the play's success lies in its melodrama — the pitched battle between a clearly demarcated good and evil.

This would seem to go counter to the general practice of Shakespeare, whose greatness rests in no small measure on the doubts, ambivalence and slipperiness of his protagonists. But this revival, directed by artistic director Barry Edelstein, demonstrates that even...

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