Pablo Schreiber

'After' could have used a lot more work before

'After' could have used a lot more work before

"After" catalogs so many clichés in the dysfunctional family at its center that the film could be taught in a screenwriting class as a lesson in what not to do.

There’s the oppressive, disapproving dad, Mitch (John Doman). The in-denial, potential head case of a mother, Nora (Kathleen Quinlan). The heir to a family business on the brink of going under, Christian (Pablo Schreiber). The daughter whose father does not approve of her pending marriage, Maxine (Sabrina Gennarino). The black sheep Nicky (Adam Scarimbolo), the alcoholic Kat (Diane Neal) and the flown-the-nest Sam (Alexi Maggio), who regularly dispatches video messages home — taped on VHS cassettes.


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