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Pete Carroll
Sportsmanship takes a timeout in USC-UCLA game
Sportsmanship takes a timeout in USC-UCLA game

At the end of a long, brutal fight, Pete Carroll extended an olive branch. Rick Neuheisel poked him with it. In the final seconds of a game that had already been decided, Pete Carroll made a common gesture to save players while allowing UCLA to save face. Rick Neuheisel swung at him with it. For more than three hours, the two disillusioned locals played through a season's worth of problems to produce a tough and classy crosstown rivalry game. Then, acting like a brat, Rick Neuheisel changed all of it. In a classic turned catfight, Saturday night was all right for spiting, a snubbing becoming a taunting becoming a touchdown that nearly led to a brawl. Yeah, only one of the...