How Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi became one of the most coveted minds in baseball

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Movie version of 'Entourage' is Hollywood for Dummies

Movie version of 'Entourage' is Hollywood for Dummies

Who among us has seen photos of a star — a Leonardo DiCaprio, let's say — riding a jet pack in some exotic locale and not wondered about the moments just before or after? Are they as sexy and effortless? Are those people dotting the background the ones who called up the rental service?

Such insights have always been the promise of "Entourage," a show in thrall to celebrity and its turbulent wake, though the big-screen adaptation of the award-winning HBO series seems about as inside Hollywood as a dedicated viewer of "Entertainment Tonight." Its layers of aspirational opulence get in the way of anything more genuine, revealing or lacerating. It's Hollywood for...