Rin Tin Tin (dog)
'Me Cheeta: My Life in Hollywood' by Cheeta the Chimp

Rin Tin Tin and I are into what we call "extreme romping." Once a week, we head for the back country, where we leap crags and ford rivers -- just like in the movies, except there are no bad guys. Last week, before beginning our trip home, he mentioned that Cheeta the Chimp had just written "Me Cheeta: My Life in Hollywood" and asked if I'd read it. "It's on my Kindle," I said, "but I haven't got around to it. I'm not big on star autobios. I met Cheeta once, when I was starting 'Lassie Come Home.' He was pretty full of himself in those days." "Still is, if you read the book. Thinks he deserves some kind of special...