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'Loitering With Intent' is often amusing but aimless

'Loitering With Intent' is often amusing but aimless

"Loitering With Intent" takes off like a shot, all jaunty energy, mouthy smarts and zippy cinematic nods. But the script, by actors Ivan Martin and Michael Godere, allows the potentially clever story — as well as the pair's intriguing lead roles — to get hijacked by other characters, extraneous concerns and wispy interactions.

Friends Dominic (Godere) and Raphael (Martin) are Brooklyn bartenders and unemployed actors who stumble upon the chance to star in a low-budget film to be produced by a fast-talking friend (Natasha Lyonne). That is, if within 10 days, they can present her with the noirish screenplay they pretend to have written. Great setup,...