Seamus McGarvey

For a monster, 'Godzilla' plays it a little too cool

For a monster, 'Godzilla' plays it a little too cool

It's the big lizard, stupid.

I say that because someone's clearly lost sight of the obvious when the no-name monsters get more screen time in "Godzilla" than the main attraction. Forgotten is the primary reason we show up in such massive numbers — we actually want to see the big guy go stomping and tromping through cities, crunching skyscrapers like soda cans, breathing fire and sending the fearful fleeing.

As it happens, "Godzilla's" terrifying towering reptile — the latest in a very long line — is one very cool dude. He's a 21st century Godzilla, eco-conscious and with 3-D side effects that are monstrous in all the right ways. Ironically this...

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