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'Mañana Forever?' by Jorge Castañeda
'Mañana Forever?' by Jorge Castañeda

Mañana Forever Mexico and the Mexicans Jorge G. Castañeda Alfred A. Knopf: 294 pp., $27.95 Mexicans, like their Spanish forebears, love to quote proverbs as a way of underscoring eternal truths and imparting folk wisdom to younger generations. Jorge Castañeda cites one of these popular adages not once, but twice, in his timely, perceptive new book, "Mañana Forever? Mexico and the Mexicans," to illustrate what he believes are some of the cynical, corrupt and backward-looking attitudes that are preventing his countrymen from living up to their vast potential. The saying is, "El que no transa no avanza" — "Whoever doesn't trick or...