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Sheryl Lee Ralph
'First Wives Club' is forming in San Diego
'First Wives Club' is forming in San Diego

Everybody here? This afternoon's run-through of the new musical "The First Wives Club" -- based on the 1996 movie and Olivia Goldsmith's 1992 novel -- is about to begin in a rehearsal room at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre. Everybody isn't. "Stop! Where is Karen?" demands director Francesca Zambello, referring to Broadway veteran Karen Ziemba, who portrays Annie, the perpetually apologetic "wife" played by Diane Keaton in the movie. Continues Zambello dryly, "OK, things are going well . . ." Anxious group scurrying ensues. From somewhere, Ziemba -- apologetically -- materializes to take her place alongside the other wives: Barbara...