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'Taste' and 'Backyard' revel in gore and lack style

'Taste' and 'Backyard' revel in gore and lack style

Last weekend my theatergoing got off to an especially bloody start at the Sacred Fools Theater, where I caught one of the last performances of "Taste," the world premiere of Benjamin Brand's play inspired by a real-life tale of cannibalism.

The main event of this two-hander, performed by Donal Thoms-Cappello (an inspired sociopath) and Chris L. McKenna, was the severing and cooking of a penis, which was then shared as a snack between willing victim and culinary assailant before this pathological date climaxed in murder.

I couldn't imagine that after experiencing this lurid scenario, I would be flinching at another amputation the following night at Echo Theater...

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