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To enjoy Burbank, open wide and say, Ah-ha
To enjoy Burbank, open wide and say, ‘Ah-ha’

How much fun can you have in a city named after a dentist? I pondered this question as I prepared to leave home for the weekend. I fully believe in the local getaway and have spent nights in hotels in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills and even downtown L.A. But Burbank? The city, named for land-developing dentist David Burbank, who owned much of the area in the late 1800s, is less than 10 miles over the hill from my Silver Lake home. Nevertheless, it's never been high on my "must visit" list. That changed with the opening of the Graciela Burbank, a 2-year-old luxury boutique hotel. The 101-room hostelry was developed by Robert Zarnegin, one of the men who's also...