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The Nanny (tv program)
Fran Drescher of 'The Nanny' marries Shiva Ayyadurai
Fran Drescher of 'The Nanny' marries Shiva Ayyadurai

She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan! Fran Drescher has tied the knot. Hear that, Mista Sheffield!? "Surprise!!!!! We got married!" "The Nanny" alum tweeted Sunday, sharing a snapshot of herself with her new husband, inventor-entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai. "I married my warrior princess @frandrescher who my mom in God's great Heaven sent,"  Ayyadurai tweeted. " Be The Light - Know the Truth - Find Your Way." She of the signature foghorn effect wed the MIT lecturer and computer-science guy at their beachfront home on Sunday in front of an "intimate group of family and friends," her assistant told The...