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In 'November Man' Pierce Brosnan gets tougher with age
In 'November Man' Pierce Brosnan gets tougher with age

On his 60th birthday in May 2013, Pierce Brosnan woke up in Belgrade, Serbia. In three days he was to start shooting a new action-thriller called "The November Man," playing a world-weary but still lethal ex-CIA agent — the sort of role that would involve a whole lot of running, jumping, pistol-whipping and fireball-dodging. "I thought, 'Is this a good idea?'" Brosnan recalled over lunch on a recent afternoon at a Beverly Hills hotel. After a moment, he decided that it felt right in his gut. "I can still run in a straight line," he said with a wry smile, "and I can still throw a punch." Brosnan is no stranger to the espionage genre,...