Terence Stamp

'Lambert & Stamp' explores the 'mesmerizing' duo who managed the Who

'Lambert & Stamp' explores the 'mesmerizing' duo who managed the Who

Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp were a class apart.

Lambert was a member of the aristocracy. His father was composer-conductor Constant Lambert. He was educated at Oxford and was fluent in several languages. He was gay but discreet because homosexuality was illegal in England in the 1960s.

Stamp was born dirt poor in London's tough East End. The younger brother of actor Terence Stamp, he was so unabashedly interested in women that he once got a job backstage at the ballet as a way to meet them.

But despite their differences, the two bonded working as assistant film directors at Shepperton Studios. They loved French New Wave films, jazz and literature. And since they both...

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