Young Frankenstein (musical)

All puns intended at DOMA's 'Young Frankenstein'

All puns intended at DOMA's 'Young Frankenstein'

Underpinning much of Mel Brooks's comedy is the assumption that people constantly yearn to break into tightly choreographed, vaudeville-style song-and-dance routines.

Some conceal this impulse better than others, but not even the starchiest Brooks character can long resist the lure of a cane, a top hat and an up-tempo riff.

Turning his beloved films into Broadway musicals — first “The Producers,” then “Young Frankenstein” — gave Brooks the opportunity to treat both his characters and his fans to even more of what they crave: splashy numbers full of Borscht Belt humor, bawdy double-entendres and plenty of dance breaks.

The stage version of “Young Frankenstein,” now in...

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