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'Justified' recap: In 'Sounding,' everything old is new again
'Justified' recap: In 'Sounding,' everything old is new again

Harlan County may be on its deathbed, but the writing staff over at “Justified” is giving the town one hell of a eulogy, managing to peek back on some of the lives we’ve stepped in and out of over the years, even in the midst of what’s supposed to be Raylan and Boyd’s climactic tilt in the withering coal country. On most other shows, an episode such as “Sounding” would have been a paint-by-numbers race against the clock, with Raylan running all over Harlan to chase down Ava, as she stumbles perilously close to Boyd's line of sight, nearly exposing herself as a rat for the federals. It would have worked. It would have been a B-plus episode of...