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William Holden
Han Suyin dies at 95; wrote 'Many-Splendored Thing'
Han Suyin dies at 95; wrote 'Many-Splendored Thing'

Han Suyin defiantly straddled two worlds decades before multiculturalism became fashionable. "We must carry ourselves with colossal assurance and say, 'Look at us, the Eurasians!' " the half-Chinese, half-Belgian physician and author whose career swept across continents and historic upheavals wrote in "A Many-Splendored Thing," the 1952 novel that made her an international celebrity. Her strongly autobiographical bestseller about war, cultural identity and love between a half-Chinese physician and a British journalist in Hong Kong spawned the blockbuster 1955 Jennifer Jones-William Holden movie "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing." Its Oscar-winning...