1st) Coromandel

There are now a total of seven restaurants operating under the Coromandel umbrella and founder Jose Pullopily thinks he knows why. "Our standards are very high, our ingredients are very fresh, and our concept is unique," he states. The restaurants excel as both introductions to this dynamic cuisine and as game changers for experienced Indian food diners. "With our specials," says Pullopily, "even our Indian patrons have been surprised and impressed. The spin we put on our dishes is a wow." At times, this means dishes presented go outside the box, with the chefs employing some very non-traditional products — but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Coromandel’s Indian-spiced version of a veal chop. From the basic samosa chat to the lamb chops ghustaba, there’s really nothing basic about the food served at the chain’s locations in New Rochelle, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Southport, Orange and Newtown (where the owners of Coromandel operate a place called Kolam). Beyond the exquisite menus, the Coromandel group excels at making customers feel appreciated with their charming and humble demeanor, their warm and inviting ambiance and service, and their reasonable price point. It’s hard to beat the value and quality of the bountiful buffet lunch offered daily. As a restaurant that’s been named by Zagat as the top in the country for Indian food — and among the top four for food overall in the state — if you haven’t tried Coromandel, you’re missing out on something special.

25 Old King's Hwy. N.
(203) 662-1213

86 Washington St.
(203) 852-1213

68 Broad St.
(203) 964-1010

17 Pease Ave.
(203) 259-1213


2nd) Bangalore

1342 Kings Hwy.
(203) 319-0100

3rd) Thali

87 Main St.
New Canaan
(203) 972-8332

296 Ethan Allen Hwy.
(203) 894-1080

376 Post Rd. E.
(203) 557-4848