Broken Arm
Robotic 'wavers' cutting in on human sign twirlers
Robotic 'wavers' cutting in on human sign twirlers

"Sarah" was reeling in the business, gyrating for hours on end outside a Canoga Park gaming center and a nearby juice stand when her stamina for the job just seemed to vanish. The diagnosis? Motor malfunction. On street corners and sidewalks across L.A., the ubiquitous sign spinners dance and hurl arrow-like placards into the air to promote hair salons, fast-food joints, cellphone companies and quick-lube businesses. But a now a new breed of attention-grabbers has hit town. Sarah, along with Ginger and dozens of others, are robotic mannequins capable of working 10 hours a day, seven days a week, never asking for a break or as much as a bottle of water. Davis Fines, a...