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Celiac Disease
Gluten-free baking from Kristine Kidd
Gluten-free baking from Kristine Kidd

The early generation of gluten-free baked goods tended to be imitations, often not very good ones, of cakes and cookies usually made with wheat flour. Kristine Kidd, cookbook writer and former Bon Appetit magazine food editor, is among those trying another tack: She looked at the flours that have no gluten – almond, buckwheat and sorghum among them – and figured out how to bake. The result is her second book on cooking without gluten, “Gluten-Free Baking” (Weldon Owen, $24.95). Her first was “Weeknight Gluten-Free.” “I did not want to make copies of things that are better made with wheat flour. That’s just going to be...