Husband makes the best of everything

When you're married and have two teenagers, evenings out are few and far between.

Oh, there are the times spent cheering in the bleachers at a game or the occasions where you quietly sit shoulder to shoulder at a recital, but time for just the two of you? It doesn't happen very often.

When opportunity knocks, it is best to take advantage.

Last week we planned to attend a Valentine's banquet at our church. I was looking forward to spending time relaxing and talking with other couples.

There were just a few responsibilities to take care of first.

The weekend started with an after-school basketball practice on Friday. This was definitely necessary because a tournament was approaching.

After practice, we dropped off some books at the library and filled the van with gas for our many errands planned for the next day. After making dinner, doing laundry and helping with homework, I was a little tired, so I went to bed. It was a little late, but that was to be expected.

Still, we could look forward to the banquet.

Saturday started with an early morning volleyball practice. As we stopped by the post office on our way home, I remember wondering how we go through a book of stamps so quickly.

Athletes and their parents are always hungry, so by then it was time for lunch. We went home, ate and then showered, which is definitely necessary after practice.

Because athletes eat so much, it was time to go grocery shopping. On the way, one of the teens needed to be dropped off at the church to help with preparations. She likes to help where she can, and values community service hours.

Once at the grocery store, I started tackling the list of items my family had requested. I was so involved in the process that I lost track of time.

When I had found almost everything on my shopping list, it occurred to me that I ought to check my watch.

That's when a surreal feeling came over me. It was 4:45 p.m. We were supposed to be at the banquet at 5 p.m.

I wasn't sure what to do because I was in casual clothes and was about 20 minutes from home. So, I called my husband and hoped for mercy.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Dear, I lost track of time and am still at the grocery store."

"Oh, I wondered what happened," he said, without a trace of anger in his voice. "I lost track of time, too. I was working outside. I just have to put on my tie and my shoes and I'll be ready."

"Could you meet me somewhere with some dress clothes?" I asked. We agreed that it was cold enough for the groceries to keep in the car until after the banquet.