Pauline Friedman Phillips
'Dear Abby' author Pauline Phillips has died at 94
'Dear Abby' author Pauline Phillips has died at 94

Pauline Friedman Phillips, who wrote the "Dear Abby" advice column for decades using the name Abigail Van Buren, died Wednesday in Minneapolis at age 94. She had been afflicted with Alzheimer's. Her advice columns were collected in a number of books, many of which are available now on EBay. An autographed copy of the 1958 "Dear Abby" collection is listed at $29.99. A well-worn edition of 1983's "The Best of Dear Abby" can be purchased for as little as $5. You can get "Dear Abby on Planning Your Wedding" (1988, $11) and, assuming all goes well with that, 1963's "Dear Abby on Marriage." Perhaps throw this in, too: "Dear Abby's Favorite Recipes" ($6. pamphlet reprinted in 1998). Pauline...