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Shamu (killer whale)
'Blackfish's' director, now its 'steward,' finds it hard to move on
'Blackfish's' director, now its 'steward,' finds it hard to move on

SAN DIEGO — Gabriela Cowperthwaite looked out the window of a train at the ocean and the bros surfing and the fish taco stands whizzing by. "I'm antsy," she said, shifting in her seat. She checked her cellphone, which she had largely been ignoring all day. There were a few messages about work prospects, and another from her husband about their 7-year-old twin boys. Usually, Cowperthwaite drives her sons to their school in Venice. But on this Monday in February, she had been with thousands of other kids, touring middle schools to answer questions about her documentary "Blackfish." This wasn't where she thought she'd be a year ago, when the film...