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Readers recommend: Bogotá bike tour
Readers recommend: Bogotá bike tour

My husband and I took a bike tour in December in Bogotá, Colombia, and it was the highlight of our stay. With our guide, Mike Ceaser of Bogotá Bike Tours, we watched matadors at the Plaza de Toros practice their moves with wheeled mechanical bulls. Mike narrated the history of various insurrections and rebellions as we toured the Autonomous University. Graffiti was interpreted, tropical fruit sampled, coffee roasting viewed and much more. We watched emeralds being sold on the street and even pedaled through the "tolerance zone of high impact," the red-light district. Tours are $17.50 a person. Bogota Bike Tours, 12-72 Carrera 3, Bogotá; 011-57-1281, 9924,...