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Mumbai (India)
India: Tour explores country's Jewish history, culture
India: Tour explores country's Jewish history, culture

A pastel pink synagogue, a Jewish Indian Shabbat dinner and visits to ancient Jewish cemeteries are among the highlights of Burkat Global’s 3,000 Years of Jewish India tour in early 2015. The 14-day excursion begins in Mumbai, where participants will visit synagogues and other historic sites and take a private boat to tour more age-old synagogues on the Konkan Coast. It was here 2,000 years ago that Jews who had fled Israel were shipwrecked and began 200 centuries of Jewish life. From Mumbai, a short flight will take participants to Kochi, a.k.a. Cochin, where they will tour ancient Jewish spice markets, a Jewish cemetery and India’s oldest synagogue, dating to 1568, as well as attend...