Barcelona (Spain)
World Cup 2014: In Barcelona, Spain, an identity
World Cup 2014: In Barcelona, Spain, an identity

Barcelona's history has bounced around like a soccer ball, but that's to be expected when people — a group that has included Carthaginians, Castilians and Catalans — have been living in the area for 37,000 years. Throughout most of it, Catalans have worked to preserve their own identity, which they defend fiercely, even in soccer. Must see: The architectural style of Antoni Gaudí makes his gigantic Sagrada Familia Basilica the most visited site in the city. It's been under construction since 1882, and it's not done yet. Lesser known but no less interesting: Park Güell, a quirky place with a mosaic dragon fountain, multicolor tile benches and tree-like stone columns, and Casa Batlló, a six-...