The 2010 Pro Bowl roster was announced Tuesday night on the NFL Network.

Peyton Manning is on the team for a 10th time, but this is the first time he's joined by tight end Dallas Clark. The former Iowa Hawkeye is having the best season of his 7-year career and is the only first-timer among the six Colts named to the Pro Bowl.


Dallas Clark, tight end

Dwight Freeney, defensive end

Peyton Manning, quarterback

On the coming Pro Bowl being the first one that no one wants to play in.

"Exactly right. We were congratulating TE-Dallas (Clark) and telling him exactly that, 'Congratulations, but hope you don't get to play in it.' I'm really happy for all the guys that made it. We have a couple guys that are hopefully first alternates, that certainly have a chance to be named to the team. I don't think any NFL player wants to actually be able to participate in it. That's sort of our goal (to not be able to play in the Pro Bowl)."

On the new format for the Pro Bowl.

"It's different. We've known about it for some time, that it was going to change. It's changed, and that's the direction they've decided to make the change to. When the announcement came out yesterday for a lot of the players, and especially for somebody like Dallas, this being his first yearÂ…I truly hope he doesn't get to play in it this year."

On if it ever gets old being named to the Pro Bowl team.

"It's an honor. It's a humbling honor to be voted on by your teammates and coaches and the fans. It is an honor."

Robert Mathis, defensive end

Reggie Wayne, wide receiver


Jeff Saturday, center

The 2010 Pro Bowl will be played in Miami the week before the Super Bowl at Land Shark Stadium. Check back to and Fox 59 for reactions from the Colts locker room.