Hillary Clinton and Mark Warner will be Tuesday night's
headliners at the Democratic National Convention.
      Clinton will deliver a primetime speech. Some of her supporters
are still upset she lost the nomination to Barack Obama. But the
Clinton and Obama camps have agreed to limit tomorrow's divisive
nominating process for president. It would allow some states to
cast votes for both Obama and Clinton before ending the roll call
in an acclamation for the Illinois senator.
      Warner gives the keynote address -- the same one Obama delivered
at the 2004 convention. Warner is a former governor who hopes to
succeed retiring Republican John Warner in the Senate, and may help
put Virginia into play for Obama.
      Last night, ailing Senator Ted Kennedy implored the party to
unite behind Barack Obama. And Michelle Obama told delegates she
and her husband share with them the same hopes and dreams. She said
they feel an obligation to "fight for the world as it should be."