Dr. Kelly Boulden sees patients who feel tired and run down all the time.
Dianne Sterling felt that way for twenty years, then last year she was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

She says she couldn't even read to her kids without falling asleep.

"My son would just crawl all over me and my daughter would say 'mom, mom!' Oh yea, yea. It was awful. I didn't get to read to my children unless I have a backup adult in the house."

As many as 4 million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue and its many symptoms.
What helps them get through the holidays can help anyone who feels too tired to enjoy the fun.

Dr. Boulden says you need to plan now, because Thanksgiving is just three weeks away, then it's the rush to Christmas and then before you know it, it's New Years eve.
Dr. Boulden advises her patients to be flexible, say no, show willpower and budget your time, money, activities and calories.

The calendar can be your friend or foe.
"You want to sit down with a calendar and start saying what are the activities that are the most important to me and start putting them down on the calendar so if the calendar starts getting full, you can eliminate some things."

Dianne is following a strict holiday plan because if she doesn't, she's worried she may too tired again to enjoy the fun.

"I think it could be, you know, neglect could take you anywhere."
Dr. Boulden doesn't want to stress you out, but here is a friendly reminder: There's only 47 shopping days until Christmas.

"It only makes sense to start it now because if yo try to start budgeting you time a the beginning of December you are already too late."