Indy racing star Dan Wheldon was killed Sunday after hitting the wall in the Las Vegas 300 in a multi-car crash at a speed of approximately 220 mph. When a tragedy like this occurs, the voices of regulating speed or prohibiting cars from being on certain kinds of tracks always seem the loudest. To put it into perspective, the last Indy series racing death happened in 2006 in Homestead, Florida, prior to that it was 2003 and before that 1996. Not a bad track record all things considered. Racing is a sport where danger and death ride shotgun with every driver all the time.  It’s what makes it exciting, and one of the many reasons people come out to watch. Only the most skilled drivers are able to carve through traffic at more than three times the speeds we’re used to driving.  Technology has helped cars go faster than ever and to its credit the Indy series continues to improve the safety of cars to keep up. What’s ironic is that Wheldon was involved in testing the new safer 2012 Indy car and was very excited about it, even referring to himself as a crash test dummy. Wheldon a two time Indianapolis 500 winner was a master of his life’s passion and although he was too young and the family he left behind will miss him dearly, Dan Wheldon should rest in peace for it was a job well done.