Susan De la Cruz says she's angry her family is being forced out of Galveston's main Red Cross Shelter. She has three children with her, one of which is disabled.

"I have no place to go," said De la Cruz.

She and her family are among nearly 430 displaced Galveston residents who are still living in shelters locals have dubbed "tent city."

Officially named the Clara Barton Village when it was set up September 26th, this shelter located on the campus of Alamo Elementary, is scheduled to completely shut down on October 26th.

"It's time for us to focus more on long term form of housing," said Galveston Mayor, Lyda Ann Thomas.

On Friday evening, the Red Cross stopped admitting new residents. Residents were surprised to hear that they have only 9 days to move out of the shelter. Many of them are now asking: "Where do we go next?".

FEMA and the Galveston Housing Authority are still working to determine that.

"We are committed to finding suitable housing for all residents who were displaced by the storm," said Gerard Stolar, a FEMA director.

The City of Galveston, which provides funding for the shelters, says part of the reason why it's closing them down is for the tenants' own good.

"If for now other reason, it's just not a humane way to live," said City Manager, Steve LeBlanc. "Of course there's also the funding issue. It's a very expensive operation."