Remember John Edwards? Yeah, how soon we forget.

He was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 2004, and was running for president four years ago, until we found out he was hitting more than the campaign trail.

Now, his former mistress and baby momma, Rielle Hunter, has reached an out-of-court settlement with Edwards`s former aide Andrew Young and young’s wife Cheri.

That may be a good thing for them, but it sucks if you were hoping for a cheap thrill. 

That’s because the settlement calls for the Youngs to hand over the video tape of Edwards and Hunter doing the wild thing.

A North Carolina court clerk will destroy the sex tape, and the Youngs will do everything they can to get Uncle Sam to destroy the copy they made for the government.

No money will change hands, only personal photos and family videos. Oh yeah, and that sex tape.

And a gag order prevents anyone from talking about it. Too bad there`s no order to keep us from gagging.