Just when we thought the space program was in a deep coma, the US Air Force surprises us with a top secret space shuttle landing in California. Well, top secret until now. 

We're talking about the unmanned X-37B robotic space shuttle, also known as Orbital Test Vehicle-2.  This miniature plane touched down at Vandenberg Air Force Base last Saturday, after being 15 months in orbit. Doing what? Who knows?

The military, which took over the program from NASA, does not want to reveal whether they were spying on China, shooting down enemy satellites, looking for Joseph Kony or building a new Death Star.  What we do know is that the OTV-2 is 29 feet long, compared to the old shuttle's 122-foot length and is controlled from ground stations. 

The Air Force is planning to launch a new mission next fall. Let's hope they secretly take Justin Bieber far-far away.