Ultra and Versa Pulse Lasers

by Dr. Dennis Nigro MD, FACS, FICS

Plastic surgery has employed modern technology over the last few years giving patients innovation that is far more precise, less invasive and very, very predictable.

With every evidencing of technical discoveries such as microsurgery, endoscopic surgery and ultrasonic assisted liposuction, modern plastic surgeons have worked diligently to bring these new innovations to their patients.

Laser surgery embodies all of these benefits. Harnessing the laser light theories and applying them to surgery can be extremely "tissue specific." It is the basis for these advances.

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) allows the plastic surgeon, through an understanding of the physics of the laser and the problematic process in the patient, to specifically treat the problem with minimal interference to the surrounding or underlying structures.

The first laser to have widespread use in the aesthetic practice was the CO2 Laser (Ultra pulse 5000 in the practice). Over the last several years, it has shown to be amazingly effective and precise. Aftercare therapy has been modified and improved to hasten recovery.

We now introduce the Versa Pulse Laser. This new machine, by the engineers at Coherent Lasers, targets all pigmented problems with the skin, all over the body.

Broken blood vessels, scars, discolorations of tattoos on the face, hands, arms and chest have been difficult to treat in the past because of varying technical issues, or a lengthy recovery that made treatment impractical.

Versa Pulse Laser has CHANGED ALL THAT! It requires no anesthetic, no operating room, or time off from work. The procedures have no pain associated with them, except for tingling in very sensitive areas.

It is extremely effective, in most cases, with only one (l) or two (2) treatments. As with any surgical procedure, results and treatments may vary.

We're very excited about the Versa Pulse. Dr. Nigro has been trained specifically on this machine by one of the leading Plastic Surgeons, on the east coast, who helped establish the tissue guidelines and treatment modalities.

Dr. Nigro was the first Plastic Surgeon in the country to purchase and use the CO2 Laser, and now has experience approaching 1OOO applications. Dr. Nigro will be first to bring the Versa Pulse Laser to Plastic Surgery in San Diego County.

Welcome to the 21st Century!