On the ground and ready to represent their state at the Republican National Convention, the Kansas delegates arrived this weekend ahead of the bad weather.

"We had a smooth flight flying in," Kansas State Republican Vice-Chair Kelly Arnold told us Sunday afternoon.  "So far, everybody has had good travels."

Delegates have been checking out the Florida scenery and doing some shopping before the weather turns bad.

"A lot of them are definitely nervous (about the weather)," Tampa boutique owner Torrie Jasuwan says.

Tampa is expected to miss a direct hit from the storm, but is still in line for a lot of wind and rain.  Monday night's speeches and roll-call vote to officially nominate Mitt Romney have been moved to Tuesday.  Arnold says that just builds the anticipation even more.

"We have what I would say is a young delegation and also a lot of first-timers in this delegation," Arnold says.  "There's a lot of energy.  They're looking forward to this week.  We are going to be an energized, excited group, and they will notice us on the floor."

Kansas has 40 delegates at the convention, along with 37 alternates.