Some call it sport, others say it's dangerous; either way mixed martial arts has risen to national popularity.

A man from north-central Kansas steps into the cage this weekend and eyewitness news got an inside look at what goes into the daily life of a cage fighter.

By day a local night a guy whose hands you want nowhere near you.

"Mostly I know plumbing stuff like water heaters and putting in toilets".

One glance at Chris Sutton-Kearn at his job in Concordia and you would never guess that the same person would be a main event cage fighter.

Believe it, when this 24 year-old isn't shooting sparks at work...he’s shooting for the right leg lock or choke hold in the octagon. His body pays the price in the process.

"Basically wake up in the morning and I don’t want to move, I feel like an old man at 24," says the fighter.

Chris gets his mixed martial arts practice in at the Kansas Highway Patrol training center.

"There’s nothing else that goes on up here but hard work".

Sutton-Kearn is set to main event Saturday’s mixed martial arts event put on by the “United Fighting Federation” at Salina’s Heritage Hall.

Sutton-Kearns holds a 6-2 all-time record in mixed martial arts; he started off as a wrestler in Colby but switched to mixed martial arts for the challenge.

Saturday will be his second bout inside Salina’s Heritage Hall.