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POMPEO: Time’s Waning: The Senate Must Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the House of Representatives voted 246-173 in a bipartisan effort to defeat the so-called “Reid Plan”, H.R. 2693.  Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) issued the following statement at conclusion of the weekend vote:

House Republicans, as of last night, have sent not one, but two, serious plans over to Harry Reid for Senate consideration.  The first, called the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, was tabled immediately by Senator Reid and his Democrat colleagues without so much as a minute of real deliberation or debate.  The second, Speaker Boehner’s Budget Control Act of 2011, was rejected in similar fashion late last night.  Thus, under Reid’s leadership, the Senate has twice voted to table fiscally sound solutions.  So, to continually hear Mr. Reid accusing House Republicans of being obstructionist or wasters of precious time is nothing short of ludicrous.

“Today the House took up consideration of Senator Reid’s partisan plan, and I voted against it.  This plan falls way short of what’s needed to provide the credible solution that our debt situation and the credit rating agencies I’ve spoken with demand.  The Reid Plan is full of budget gimmicks and phantom cuts. Most frighteningly, it gives the President another free pass to max out America’s credit card straight through to his reelection while simultaneously virtually assuring our national credit rating will fall.  Additionally, the Reid Plan does nothing to structurally change our country’s long-term spending addiction.  Senator Reid now knows his plan has no chance of passage in the House.  He should not continue to eat up time by trying to pass it in the Senate.

“With just under 4 days left to come to a resolution before our country cannot pay all of its bills, I am disappointed with Senate Democrats’ irresponsible behavior.  As I said yesterday when we passed the plan offered by our Speaker, the Republican plan is the only credible path forward.  It avoids default, cuts current spending, caps future spending, and balances the budget.  A majority of Americans support this approach and I urge the Senate to stop wasting limited time and stop ignoring the will of the people they purport to represent,” stated Pompeo.