Then Cunningham saw the light and unwrapped Elvis Grbac, the quarterback whose passes won four in a row as the Chiefs moved into position to win the AFC West in Seattle Sunday.

It wasn't to be.

The Seattle crowd won that 23-14 game between dead-even teams by constantly interrupting the Chiefs' offense with loud, unsportsmanlike conduct.

It's true, of course, that Kansas City crowds cheat, too, when the Chiefs are home--but this game was for the championship.

Although the cheaters could be nullified every week with electronic headgear, the NFL's club owners, who call the signals for the league, are apparently uninterested in fair play.

* * * *
Why Not Let Moss Throw?

Minnesota wide receiver Randy Moss' touchdown pass to fellow wide receiver Cris Carter Sunday will give Viking playoff opponents--the Rams among them, possibly--something to think about next month.

On a 27-yard play, Moss threw it like a quarterback as Minnesota rolled past the New York Giants, 34-17.

Those watching called it a gimmick play, but potentially it was much more than that.

It could be a regular happening in any team's base offense this season--as could halfback passes--if the league's coaches weren't so conservative.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires quarterbacks to throw every pass.

When Moss aimed that one--and when in other years Marcus Allen and Paul Hornung delivered halfback passes--every defensive player was shocked.

Anything different shocks, disrupts and often defeats football players.

It's the nature of the game.

* * * *
Third Bronco Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos were getting ready for next year when, on Christmas Day, their rookie running back Olandis Gary gained 185 yards as they drubbed the Detroit Lions, 17-7.

Their coach promises that in their 2000 backfield the Broncos will frequently pair Gary, a 218-pound breakaway threat, with the league's leading breakaway threat, 212-pound Terrell Davis.

The coach is Mike Shanahan, who last winter led the Broncos to their second-straight Super Bowl win.

Davis soon thereafter became the first of the six Denver starters lost to injured reserve in this lost season, ruining Shanahan's shot at three straight.

In 2000 he can make it three out of four Super Bowls with Gary and Davis, who block and catch passes at least as effectively as San Francisco's runners blocked and caught the ball when Bill Walsh coached the 49ers to their first three Super Bowl victories with the same kind of two-back backfield Shanahan envisions.