2008-01-13 18:32:26.0 lolita: where can i see all the results?

2008-01-13 18:32:32.0 Igor: Sweeney have chances for the oscar?

2008-01-13 18:32:37.0 Aura: the winners were great and I didn't get to see them

2008-01-13 18:32:43.0 rafaelbrazil: Atonement?

2008-01-13 18:32:55.0 doinel: without mentios by the ACE, SAG, WGA and DGA no way atonement wins the oscar

2008-01-13 18:32:56.0 getmyLOSTon: i miss the good speeches :(

2008-01-13 18:32:59.0 McPhearson: Igor, I've been predicting "Sweeney" for Oscar for as long as I've seen it.

2008-01-13 18:33:00.0 gigi: lolita, go to www.goldenglobes.org

2008-01-13 18:33:03.0 Aura: I mean I didn't get to see people actually win the awards

2008-01-13 18:33:09.0 Igor: Desejo e Reparação, Rafael...

2008-01-13 18:33:12.0 Fabiobn: who won comedy series? i still dont know

2008-01-13 18:33:22.0 getmyLOSTon: extras

2008-01-13 18:33:23.0 joe: oscar will go snow

2008-01-13 18:33:24.0 Igor: McPhearson, God bless you!

2008-01-13 18:33:25.0 lolly: wow, NBC is behindd

2008-01-13 18:33:28.0 Choire Sicha: I suppose it's just necessary that the strike be over so we can have a PROPER Oscars with a Daniel Day Lewis speech, because HOW GREAT will that be?

2008-01-13 18:33:43.0 Cube: PLEASE let the oscars go on this year

2008-01-13 18:33:55.0 getmyLOSTon: nbc is showing it till 10, no? they probably have to stretch it out

2008-01-13 18:33:56.0 McPhearson: Sicha, I want Depp to get his due, brother. Sorry.

2008-01-13 18:34:04.0 Aura: oh man that would have been a great show