Moderator1: And we have only been able to get to a fraction of the actual questions.

Jonah Goldberg: Daryll: I really, really, really doubt it. Where would I run from? DC? My ancestral land of t he Upper West Side of Manhattan?

dblbogey: no kidding....this chat format sucks!

cam: trains meet after 2 hours, 140 miles from westford, 120 from eastford

LB: When's the book?

Moderator1: OK, a couple more:

Scooter: To what extent has the Vice President's almost reckless disregard for public opinion undercut the President's ability to build consensus around his policies? Would the President be better off without Cheney at this point?

KevinTMC: Do you think the mainstream press has a responsibility to shine a light on Joe Wilson's lies in the midst of their straight news reporting? And if so, how does one distinguish that responsibility from the calls of Media Matters and the like to expose what they see as continual Bush lies?

Colin: I just read you defending the Crusades on NRO. Did you not know that they killed many Jews on the way to liberating the Holy land?

Scooter: how did you come to be so brilliant?

Jonah Goldberg: Sistan: i think that's a great subject. I think it gets to the heart of t he problem of both the UN which covers the butts of bad countries and multiculturalism because it won't attack the self-esteem, as it were, of some of its constituents.

Jonah Goldberg: Scooter, you keep asking that and I am way too stupid to figure out how to answer.

dblbogey: i think it's spelled "stoopid"

Jonah Goldberg: Colin: I think "defending" the Crusades is a bit of a stretch. But I do think it's worth correcting the erroneous dominant mythology about what the Crusades were about. I think religious slaughter, forced conversions etc are bad no matter whose doing them and no matter who's being victimized.

Libby: Religious slaughter, now we're back to Ann Coulter territory.

Jonah Goldberg: Scooter: re the VP, I think it's a problem. I'm actually a fan of Cheney's but I think the experiment of having a lame duck VP from the get-go shouldn't be repeated.

daryll: would you please get off ann, this is not about her

Panopticorps: You seem unable to really deal with the reality of genuine human suffering, let alone human feeling of any kind. That's what makes your columns mere detritus.

Doug Barber: Colin, are you living now, or then?

superdude: Boy, this chat room is a real technological triumph. Its interface is not at all anti-intuitive and keeping track of the conversation is *not* like navigating through some kind of stupid labyrinth.